Lead Generation and Prospecting

Reduce your cost per lead with our Lead Identification service to find the leads that match your customer target profile. Our service economizes your marketing efforts and helps in effective time management in finding the right contacts. Our experts will identify leads from online sources to help your sales team to close them faster.

Identification and Listing

We utilize the power of LinkedIn to reach target groups of professionals and stimulate inbound traffic to the website. Our Services provide listing of

  • Key Contact database through LinkedIn Profiles
  • Groups related to LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo
  • Product Directories, Reviews sites and Blogs


We facilitate listing of the related product directories and post client references which in turn helps in increasing visibility in search engines

  • Content Sharing and Posting through LinkedIn and other Groups
  • Directory Submissions

Outbound Prospecting

Creates awareness and kindles enquiries about Products and Services through outbound prospecting services

  • E-mails (Initial and Reminder mails) to the contacts
  • Mailing of Promotional Content of the products

Lead Genration Services

  • LinkedIn Contact Lists
  • Groups postings on LinkedIn, Yahoo and related groups
  • Directory submissions
  • E-mail Prospecting
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